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Stone & Fen

The Tale of a Boy and His....er...Dog.

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  • stone_and_fen@livejournal.com
Stone is a little wayward punk of an Sidhe prince living in a modern-day Philadelphia that should be, but sadly, isn't.
Fen'Paz is the Oathbound demonkin Kingsguard assigned to protect him.

Is it just me, or does this sound like the most ridiculous concept for a story ever? (ahem.)

Anyway, these two have come a long way. From reluctant roommates to friends to lovers to heroes of the free world! ....Um. Right. So, we decided it was only fair to show you the entire thing from the beginning. Now I know it looks really long and involved, but don't despair. This is a writing exercise/challenge/on-going series that's being played out off the top of her head, not the slash equivalent to The Great American Novel. And well, she HAS been doing this for nearly 3 years already. (yikes)

Anyway, for all the story arcs and junk in order, we have this handy dandy stone and fen index. So get comfty, break out your favorite punk tunes and join us!

You can poke the author at klgaffney or email her directly at muse_whipped[at]yahoo[dot]com for faster admittance. Yeah, i know, it's a drag to be friends only, but we're really friendly, honest! And more importantly, this lj has a near-automatic add back policy. we still highly recommend poking the author anyway, because 'cause she's silly and forgetful and often forgets to check the flist on a regular basis. Trust me, you're not bothering her. She loves new people, and the regulars are pretty friendly, too.

You'll probably notice that the first oh...30 or so are real short on the comment depart. That's because they used to be on the author's personal lj, and she finally got off her butt and moved them over here where they belong, but alas, the comments stayed where they were. You're welcome to comment or not as you wish, anywhere you wish. as you'll see after a certain point, everyone else in here does. It's a damn madhouse. ;)

Okay, now for the official crap: this ride is pretty much intended for mature audiences. All characters, art and story within are © klgaffney, unless mentioned otherwise. And please don't feed the fenwraith chocolate, it's really kinda bad for him. Hmm...i think that's pretty much all the news that's fit to print. See you on the other side!